Intervju med Janel och Tyler

Caleb & Mona - Pretty Little Liars

On Mona’s Sneaky Excursions & Mysterious Partnership: “It’s going to be great. Your going to find out more about that whole partnership in 3B, and just how long Mona has been sneaking out of the hospital.” – Janel

On Whether or Not Caleb is Alive: “Yes, Caleb’s alive. He got shot, but you can’t keep him down! He’s pretty resilient.” – Tyler

On The Size of The “A” Team: ”I can’t answer it! You’ll find out!” Janel exclaims jokingly. When Ryan asks her if it’s around six members she responds, “It could be. Maybe. Maybe so.” She adds, “The second half of the season will have a lot of answers!”

On Adam Lambert’s Performance: “Adam Lambert makes an amazing appearance on our show,” Janel reveals. Tyler adds, “He doesn’t just sing either! He actually has a scene which is cool! I wasn’t in the scene with him, but I’m sure he is because he’s a natural performer. He was awesome.”

On The Halloween Episode: ”The whole thing is shot on a suspended train set so it has this really authentic feel to it. Lots of costumes, and scary moments.” – Tyler

Vill ni ha det översatt, säg bara till!


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