Vad kommer hända? SPOILERVARNING

1. Halloween Episode,This Is A Dark Ride. 3x13
Aria will get "Terrifying Scenes" 
Most of this episode will take place on a train.
At one point, Spencer will be getting choked.
In the Halloween Episode, Aria has her mouth taped and hands/legs tied.
Paily Kiss! 
Caleb will be okay. 
Lucas will return.  
Adam Lambert Will sing.
Adam Lambert will have a scene with Aria.
We will see Toby being -A and being evil!
There will be huge reveals here.

 2. Mona-Mania, 3x15


There will be a new character, from the books, named Andrew Campbell. 

Possible Emily/Paige/Toby scene. 

There are many clues, and code's in this episode.


 3. Misery Loves Company, 3x16


One PLL finds out about Toby in 3x16, and the fallout is huge. 

Aria will be visited by Alison in 3x16. 

Alison to Aria- "Do I look dead to you?"

Around 3x16 or 3x17, Hanna will someehow end up with a bruise on her arm.


 3. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno, 13x17


Ezra will find out about Malcom.

Ezra's performance in this episode is "stellar" and made Marlene King cry.

After Ezra finds out about Malcom, he leaves. He will come back around 3x20.

Shanna (character from PDS) will be in this episode!


 4. Dead To Me, 3x18


There will be a revelation where it’s like, “This explains why she felt this way, why Alison made Toby take the rap for an action that she was responsible for.” It maybe will be worked out later than it initially looked. 

Dr. Sullivan will be back! 

Around 3x16 or 17, Hanna will get a bruise on her arm. 

There will be unexpected twists in this episode.

This episode will "Mess with people".


 5. Hot Water, 3x20


This is when Melissa will be back.

Ella and Spencer have a great scene here.

There will be three kisses in this episode.

Detective Wilden will be in this episode. 

Jason will not be in this episode.

Ezra's mom will be in this episode.

There will be a scene in the woods!!


 6. Random 3B/ Unknown episode


Paige will be Traumatized by what happened with Nate. 

Ezra will figure out Aria lied to him.

In the imminent future, Alison's remains will be discovered. 

Paige and Hanna will be friends.


Characters who will be back


Mike Will be back.

Melissa will be back. (3x20)

Lucas will be back (Halloween)

Wren will be back, and "will continue to upset the apple cart with the PLLs." 

Cece will be back.

Wesley will be back, and there will be a Wesley/Aria scene.

Jenna will be back. (Halloween Episode)

Hanna's grandma will be back.

Avsnitten kommer heta..

Avsnitten kommer heta:

3x13 - This is a dark ride
3x14 - She is better now
3x15 - Mona mania
3x16 - Misery loves company
3x17 - Out of the frying pan, into the inferno
3x18 - Dead to me
3x19 - What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Sneak Peek

Årets halloween

Bild från förra året:






När @finz och @like_sean får 500 följare på twitter kommer vi få en ledtråd om Toby! Åh, visst vore det spännande!



Halloween avsnittet

I "This is a dark ride"
, alltså nästa avsnitt, kommer Emily vara utklädd till Barbella, Aria till Daisy i The Great Gatsby, Hanna som Marylin Monroe och Spencer som en känd hollywoodstjärna från 40-talet

Efter att ha fått veta att Toby ingår i The A-team, bekräftar nu Marlene King för "Nästa avsnitt kommer vara som hämtad ur en skräckfilm, fast i ABC's stil. Det är 43 minuter i en non-stop tågresa. Det är en skräckupplevelse efter en annan och saker som kommer få oss tittare att diskutera om ända tills säsong 3B."

Men vi kommer inte behöva vänta tills säsong 3B för att få ledtrådar om vad som kommer hända i fortsättningen. Vi kan se "Pretty dirty secrets" tills vidare som kretsar runt Caleb och Noel och deras roll i serien kring halloweenavsnittet. Vi kommer kunna se avsnitten varje tisdag.

Toby är A

1x04: Emily found her & Maya's photobooth photos in her textbook - Toby was her
 lab partner.
1x06: The fortune teller at the dance basically predicted Spoby, "there's something wrong with this couple, it's a bad match, there's darkness in him, maybe even violence, or vengeance."
1x10: Toby tells Emily, "I've got friends in all the wrong places, and misery loves company." 
1x16: Spencer agrees to tutor Toby in French, A gets a "Learn to Speak French" record.
1x19: A is sitting in a rocking chair - Toby makes rocking chairs.
1x21: Spencer was trapped in the funhouse when Toby was there.
1x22: Toby promised Spencer he would be there for her if she needed him - this is the night A pushed Ian off the bell tower.
2x04: All the capitalised T's in Ian's suicide note.
2x16: A loosened the scaffolding, but Toby built the scaffolding, he would know exactly what to do.
2x23: Mona tries to keep Toby away from Jenna by pretending she needs help buying a truck - no trouble for 2 people on the same Team.
3x02: Garrett told Spencer that someone she knows well "has you completely fooled."
3x02: Toby massages Spencer. A massaged Emily in 2x10.

En till Ezria rain sceene.

Ian Harding och Lucy Hale retweetade Kyle Hasday's tweet om "en regnig dag i Rosewood". Tror ni att det blir en till Ezria rainsceene? ;)

Is Aria A?

Vart tror ni hon är?

Gifs från sommarfinalenG


Eric - Wesley

Ser ut som om vi kommer träffa en av dem igen!

Janel spoilar!

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