Toby är A

1x04: Emily found her & Maya's photobooth photos in her textbook - Toby was her
 lab partner.
1x06: The fortune teller at the dance basically predicted Spoby, "there's something wrong with this couple, it's a bad match, there's darkness in him, maybe even violence, or vengeance."
1x10: Toby tells Emily, "I've got friends in all the wrong places, and misery loves company." 
1x16: Spencer agrees to tutor Toby in French, A gets a "Learn to Speak French" record.
1x19: A is sitting in a rocking chair - Toby makes rocking chairs.
1x21: Spencer was trapped in the funhouse when Toby was there.
1x22: Toby promised Spencer he would be there for her if she needed him - this is the night A pushed Ian off the bell tower.
2x04: All the capitalised T's in Ian's suicide note.
2x16: A loosened the scaffolding, but Toby built the scaffolding, he would know exactly what to do.
2x23: Mona tries to keep Toby away from Jenna by pretending she needs help buying a truck - no trouble for 2 people on the same Team.
3x02: Garrett told Spencer that someone she knows well "has you completely fooled."
3x02: Toby massages Spencer. A massaged Emily in 2x10.


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